Picture Cake

Although everyone has its own idea of celebration but there is one thing common in each case, i.e.,cakes. Since ages, cakes are an integral part of any celebration no matter how big the event it. With the changing trends, there have been modern cakes stricken the market. Those are picture cakes. As its name indicates, a picture cake imbibes your picture as the icing on the cake itself.

What you have to do is to send the photo that you want to place on the picture cake you choose. And that’s it. A fabulous picture cake with your picture as the icing will be delivered at your doorstep. What’s more you can choose from a wide range of cake flavors, covering and piping options and the size of the cake depending on the number of guests.

There is no other better way to order a picture cake online. Over a period of time, the demand of picture cakes online in Delhi has raised a lot with people finding new ways to celebrate special moments. These picture cakes in India can be ordered for different occasions such as birthdays, anniversary, job promotions, awards, or any other occasion that is worth celebrating. The best part of a picture cake is that you can completely customize it as per your needs be it size, picture, collage, lining, decoration etc. This high level of customization makes it the most sought after choice among people looking for online cakes in Delhi, India.

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